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How to Downloading and Installing YoWhatsApp(Ultimate Guide)

Installing YoWhatsApp

There no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular chat servic. But as the application has some limitations, different developers have designed different application modules to overcome these limitations. YoWhatsApp APK is also one of the APK modules of the original application. The main reason people switch to Yo Mod is because of the language features. With this module, the application will be available in your native language. Most other modules lack this capability.

Install YoWhatsApp

So, in this article, you'll learn how to make the transition from WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp easier and simpler. You will learn how to restore WhatsApp messages to YoWhatsApp and vice versa.

Attractive Features of YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp has unlimited features that allow you to switch instantly from the original WhatsApp application to this application. Although there are still many restrictions to using the WhatsApp application, YoWhatsApp eliminates all of them and offers great features.

The main features of the YoWhatsApp are as follows:

  • Regularly updated
  • Freeze last update
  • Call barring
  • Built-in lock function
  • Customise your privacy
  • Send files of over 700 MB

In addition to this, other amazing features that are very notable in the YoWhatsApp are

  • Materials and design
  • Zoom in on the profile picture
  • Status over 250 characters
  • Emoji variants
  • Multiple language choices
  • Theme saving options
  • YoThemes special
  • The icons
  • White navigation bar for Android Oreo and above
  • Bubble chat function
  • And the background image of the main screen
  • Most importantly, the app can be downloaded or installed on your device without rooting.

How to Download and Install YoWhatsApp

There are a variety of software packages with applications for a variety of devices. You need to select the package based on your device and download it from the link.

After downloading the application, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: You need to uninstall the original WhatsApp application before starting the installation.. When you are about to install the YOWA application has been uninstalled, open the settings and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Step 2: Try to install YoWhatsApp on your phone now. Click the install button, then click the open button during installation.
  • Step 3: click on "accept and continue". Then enter your phone number to confirm and start the registration process. Enter your name and press a button. The app requires access to contacts, SMS, internet, location, audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, microphone, background, etc.

You can also copy WhatsApp data, get media files and instant messages from the check screen.

Restore Historical WhatsApp Chats to YoWhatsApp

When people consider downloading YoWhatsApp to your phone, there are several ways to restore chat messages to the new application. Try any of these methods and switch to YoWhatsApp without losing your messages.

3.1: Restore WhatsApp chat to YoWhatsApp by default

Because YoWhatsApp is built on the same code as WhatsApp, it can easily identify WhatsApp backup files.As a result, you can easily switch WhatsApp messages back to YoWhatsApp without going through a complicated process.If you switch to YoWhatsApp but still want to receive the original messages from the application, you need to do the following:

Step 1: open WhatsApp and go to settings > Chat and gt; Backup chat, WhatsApp will create an updated backup of the messages.

Step 2: Once the backup is complete, download the YoWhatsApp app to your device, then from "Settings" > "Applications" > "WhatsApp" & gt; "Uninstall" uninstall the original app. After uninstalling WhatsApp properly, try to install YoWhatsApp on your phone.

Step 3: Now go to the file manager and find the WhatsApp folder. Change the name of the folder to YoWhatsApp and do the same for all the subfolders called WhatsApp.

Step 4: After renaming all folders, exit the file manager and start YoWhatsApp. Start the setup process and go to the restore chat option. When the application asks for it, click on the restore chat option and the saved data will be restored automatically to your new YoWhatsApp.

3.2: Restore WhatsApp chat to YoWhatsApp in one click

If the default method of restoring chat messages does not work, you can switch to dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer. With this program, you can restore backup files with just one click. But to restore WhatsApp messages to YoWhatsApp, you need to create a WhatsApp backup first.

Here is the guide on how to backup WhatsApp chat on PC using dr.fone - WhatsApp transfer:

  • Step 1: Download the software to your computer and run it immediately after installation. Connect the device whose chat history you want to save to your PC. When the main screen opens, select the "WhatsApp transfer" function from the various options.
  • Step 2: Now select the WhatsApp option from the left panel and then click on the option to back up WhatsApp messages.
  • Step 3: As your Android device is already connected, the backup starts immediately. Leaving the device connected to the PC until the backup is complete may interrupt the backup.

Whatsapp Backup Process

You will receive a notification when the backup is 100% complete. You can preview the backup file on the software interface. You can also find the storage location where the backup was created.

After creating the backup file, simply uninstall the current WhatsApp app from your device and install the YoWhatsApp app on your device. Do not try to download the YoWhatsApp app unless you have completed the uninstallation of WhatsApp, as your device does not allow the installation. After successfully installing the application, you need to connect the device to the PC again and run dr.fone - WhatsApp transfer again.

Then follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the WhatsApp transfer function from the main screen, then click on the WhatsApp option. Then click on restore WhatsApp messages to Android device option.
  • Restore whatsapp messages to yowhatsapp by selecting the option
  • Step 2: On the next screen, all the backup files available in the storage will be displayed on the screen. Select the backup files you wish to restore.
  • Select the record to restore whatsapp messages to yowhatsapp
  • Step 3: Click on the recover button.

Within minutes, your backup will be restored to the device. Since YoWhatsApp is able to read WhatsApp files, the messages will be easily recovered to the device.

Ways to Restore YoWhatsApp Messages to Official YoWhatsApp

If you decide to remove YoWhatsApp from your device, just uninstall the app from your device. However, if you want to keep the message intact, you should try a simple trick. Follow the steps below to restore YoWhatsApp to WhatsApp app.

  • Step 1: Start creating an updated app backup on your device. Go to Settings---Chats --- Backup and then on the Backup Now option. Wait for the backup to complete, then uninstall the app from your phone.
  • Step 2: Now before installing the original app, you need to open the file manager and find the YoWhatsApp folder.Rename the folder to WhatsApp and exit the file manager.
  • Step 3: Go to the Play Store and install the WhatsApp app. While setting up the app, restore a backup of the conversations on the device from the Restore option.

Once the app has loaded the backup file from local storage, you will be able to chat on WhatsApp with YoWhatsApp.